Outside In

Video from Outside In installation

Nadija Mustapić

Single channel video installation
SD video, NTSC, 5 min, loop, prints on paper

Variable dimensions: 14 prints in a row (112 x 80 cm each, 14 m x 80cm entire row)

The “reel” of black and white prints wraps three wall surfaces of the room. Depending on the read (left to right or right to left) the prints show stages of growing (construction) or dilapidation (deconstruction) of the house, frame by frame.
A video projection closes the fourth wall of the room representing the interior of a house. The video narrative is interrupted with white flashes and the sounds of white noise and cracking, which recall a perception of memory and nostalgia.
Family members are de-pitting cherries. The ambiguity of the narrative evokes a question: is it a representation of an idyllic family depicting domestic preparation of food?, do the cherry pitting scenes conceal a notion of violence or symbolize a cathartic process of reaching for the hearth, the inner center?
The “reel” of prints provides a context for the video and vice versa.



– January 2005 – The Intermedia Gallery, The University of Iowa Intermedia Department, Iowa City, USA, solo exhibition
– October 2007 – Art Gallery Osijek / Likovna Galerija Osijek, Croatia, Rijeka Printmaking School – Osijek Printmaking Scene, group exhibition
– September 2008 – Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, Croatia,  Contemporary Landscapes, group exhibition, curator: Breda Kolar Sluga 
– November 2009 – Pontikus Gallery, Grožnjan, Croatia, solo exhibition
– June 2009 – 5th Croatian Printmaking Triennial, The Home of HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia, group exhibition