Topologies of the Inside

Video from Topologies of the Inside installation (projected on the outer surface of the hung skins)

Nadija Mustapić

One channel video installation
SD video, NTSC, 4:3, color, loop
print on hide, wire.
Dimensions variable: hides are hung in a circle (diameter 3,5 – 4 m)

Prints on 12 pieces of leather (pig skin) illustrate a memory of process of re-working and re-scraping the same plate over and over. The progression of marks on printed leather is physical, linear and layered. The etched and scraped marks submerge and re-emerge on the surface of printed skins. The history of marks can be read as a book.
The leather skins represent a membrane containing traces and memory of scratches, cuts and bruises. The skins are suspended and form a circle that one can enter, while the video is projected on the outer surface of the hang construction.
The projection shows images of the hands and ears, caressing the skin. As the hand moves across the entire surface, the sound is louder. When the image of an ear appears the sound is quieter. The ear touches the skins, as the hand does – it is an image of an auditory organ, which hears through physical contact.
The audio itself sounds disturbing, it the audio of the manipulated recordings of the scraping of the metal (intaglio) plate.



– May 2004 – Intermedia Gallery, Iowa City, USA, solo exhibition