Erased I

Nadija Mustapić

Print installation
28 intaglio color prints on paper

I worked within a system of layering sequential stages of a constantly reworked and re-scraped intaglio plate on each print in the edition. I also hand sanded each print after a new layer had been printed. In such process, both the matrix and the print are physically erased and altered, in order to arrive to the final image.

On each print, the visible layers can be read as both additive and reductive at the same time. The edition does not consist of 28 identical prints. Even though they originate from one intaglio matrix, the prints differ due to irrepeatable hand sanding process of each of them. Installed on a gallery wall in a grid, the rhythmic sequence of physical erasures references the stumping rhythm of the abstracted human figure forms in the images. Erasure marks speak of absence and memory of material.




-2003 (November) – Eve Drewelowe Gallery, Iowa City, USA, solo exhibition, “Nadija Mustapić: Prints and Drawings”
-2004 – PLAC I (Print Language as Content I), Southern Graphics Council, New Brunswick, NY, SAD
-2004 – PLAC I (Print language as Content I), Mid-American Print Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska, SAD