The Moving Crew – PASSPORT-HOME

passport home

event, PedMall, Iowa City, IA, June 2nd, 2006

The Moving Crew is an amorphous art colletive working on enlivening the public sphere. Not quite theater, not quite performance, not quite circus, not quite gallery art, not run-of-the-mill, The Moving Crew thinks of themselves as cultural animators hoping to engage the public in fun interactive art activities that surround ideas of community, movement and transformation.
Examining both humorous and serious issues on local and global scales, The Moving Crew playfully filters them through their sensibilities of profound absurdity. The Moving Crew invites the public to look at things from unusual vantage points and to join in the fun and play of making things. Through the use of inexpensive or found objects and materials, The Moving Crew hopes to invite people into a new space where the normal rules of the world do not quite apply and where the public is welcome to collaborate.

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