Here and There / OVDJE I TAMO

Here and There / OVDJE I TAMO

by Nadija Mustapić

This work can be presented either as single-channel video installatio (video, walltext, booklet) or screened as experimental film/video (PAL, HD 1080p, color, 17″, stereo sound).

** Presentation text:

The protagonists rowing a boat in the middle of an indiscernible white space endlessly deep and flat at the same time ponder on generosity of place and own Heres and Theres.

There are subjective places we call here and there. We assume that here is anywhere but there and there is everywhere but here. But in certain situations they can overlap. They always co-exist as opposites, but sometimes they are the same. How we determine what is our own here or own there depends on subjective interpretations and deconstructions of sociopolitical circumstances that surround us: someone can only be there by being here, someone can only be here by constantly going there, someone’s targeted there in the moment of impact becomes a last here…  

This video interprets meanings of opposites ‘Here’ and ‘There’ through intimate situations and larger social symptoms and states by means of lyrical text and evocative images of fog at the sea.



-June 9th, 2021 – Group exhibition “Me and the Place”, FLUC, Vienna, Austria, (curator: Anamarija Batista)

-December 20th, 2019 – January 31st, 2020 – Solo exhibition “Ovdje i tamo” / “Here and There”, Atelijeri Žitnjak Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

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