Every House is an Island (GREY) (AREA, Korčula)

Singe-shot view of the opening night, "Every House is and Island" by Tonka Maleković and Nadija Mustapić at the Grey Zone Gallery, island of Korčula, Croatia

Solo show with Tonka Maleković “Svaka je kuća took” / “Every House is an Island”
July 31st – August 12th, 2013

curator: Ivana Meštrov (Loose Associations)
organized by: Darko Fritz, Siva Zona Art Gallery  aka  grey) (area

Siva Zona Art Gallery /
grey) (area

Ulica biskupa Luke Tolentića 6 / Zakrjan
Korčula, Croatia

opening reception: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013, at 9 PM


“After every exhibition we start anew. Similarly, one can apply this process to inhabiting of new houses. We live in them on our own or share them and form certain communities. During that time, they constantly change shapes in according to our movements, habits, personal stories and preoccupations. A house is a paradigm for a living space, and for an island, it represents a microworld of strong individual markings.
Exhibition Every House is an Island proposes an experiment in which a typical old-style house of the old city of Korcula becomes a space and a setting for an exhibition narrative, far from usual white cube parameters. In the withdrawn insular context, slightly transformed by the temporary summer revival, the two artists meet for the first time.
For this occasion Tonka Maleković presents her most recent in situ photo/video/audio installation To Grow to the Other Side, 2013 questionning transitory states, the trauma of change, as well as its affirmative potential. The house that hosts the exhibition space can be viewed as a sculptural, architectural and a metaphisical object. Its abandoned condition and its surroundings, which are layered with natural and historical background are reshaped or reemphasized by various tools: photographs taken within the space that play with echoes and reflections, amplified sounds of the nearby sea and visions of her own body in water suggesting the other-sideness and psychogeographies.
With her audiovisual installations The Additional Act, 2011 and Different Beginnings, 2009, Nadija Mustapić highlights an imaginary profile of the exhibition house by inserting new plots and storylines, which create potential inner and outer spatial turns. Both artists in this exhibition use performative strategies in order to impose phenomenological effects on the viewer and reveal unexpected detours.” (Ivana Meštrov)



Presented art work:

Different Beginnings / RAZLIČITI POČECI

The Additional Act / DODATNI ČIN