Pixxelpoint Festival (Nova Gorica, Slovenia)

Pixxelpoint 2016 : WE
Media and Contemporary Art International Festival
ova Gorica, Slovenia

December 2nd-9th, 2016

Curator: Rene Rusjan

“We. Does this mean the We and the collective You, You and I, or is there also a They, and if so, who does that mean? Goricans, Slovenians, Europeans, Christians, atheists, revolutionaries, mothers, children, families of all types? Are the new arrivals also We, are We the ones staying or are We perhaps the ones departing? Are We those living here and now, or those who have ever lived and ever will? Who is it that we are? And who is it that we can be? Only humans? Are animals included in the concept of We? What about other creatures of the planet, are they also We? Even those that breathe with gills, or those that do not breathe at all? Does We include those beyond the stars, or are those They, or You? What do We have to say to each other?

Some months ago I started a process which has been taking form throughout the year. The concentrated sequence of events scheduled during the festival week taking place in December 2016 is only the conclusion of a stage of this process, only an intersection where the paths of all contributors meet, it is a festival, a celebration and an exhibition, a communication exercise via the events, where the visitors will join us. This edition of Pixxelpoint is a particularly long and widespread process, through which I bring together the contributing artists. Artists in collaboration with other artists and art students, scientists and the laboratories and research centers of the University of Nova Gorica, join together with the local community in the research of the specific nature of living on the state border in light of international events, where art, science, society and everyday life meet.”

Contributing artists:
Robertina Šebjanič, Andreea Oarga Mulec, Tea Hvala, Jasna Hribernik, Antonio Della Marina, Alessandra Zucchi, Denis Mavrič, Paul Bush, Niloufar Tajeri, Gal Kirn, Tanja Lažetić, Helene Thuemmel, Rawan Hourani, Sabina Đogić, Anja Medved, Nadija Mustapić, Toni Meštrović, Vesna Bukovec, Widad Tamimi, Nika Avtor, Anja Golob, Nemanja Ćađo, Nina Šorak, Urša Adamič, Pila Rusjan, Gaja Kutnjak, Elena Fajt, Lucija Jankovec, Dejan Krajnik, Neja Kaligaro, Valerie Wolf Gang, Ruobing Wang, Petra Varl, Metod Blejec, Una Rebić, Miha Colner, Slavko Glamočanin, Postaja Topolove/Stazione di Topolò, SMO – Slovensko multimedialno okno

Nadija Mustapić and Toni Meštrović present “SAMENESS OF TIME” 2-channel video installation at the border crossing between Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizzia (Italy), at Carinarnica (Erjačeva 53, Nova Gorica).

More: opening photos, ISUU link to Pixxelpoint CATALOGUE



Presented art work:

Sameness of Time / ISTOST VREMENA